Two Ten Web Ltd Pre-Seed Investment (SEIS) October 2012

Two Ten Web Ltd

Two Ten Web Ltd

TwoTen is an online protection and guidance service for younger children, aged 2 to 10 years.

Aimed at schools and parents, TwoTen technology provides a simple to use solution to protecting a child whether they are browsing the Internet with a PC, a netbook, a smartphone or a tablet – if it can browse the web TwoTen can protect it.

Traditional web filters only block sites that have been deemed unsuitable, leaving any unscreened site free to view. TwoTen turns this concept on its head and solely allows access to websites that have already been approved. Much like film ratings, a parent or teacher can set an age filter for their child or pupils, ensuring only age appropriate content is viewed. Any site not on the TwoTen proprietary ‘white list’ is inaccessible.

As well as providing absolute boundaries for younger children, the service also provides guidance. If a child attempts to access unapproved or inappropriate material, access is immediately blocked, the attempt is logged for the attention of the parent or teacher, and TwoTen provides approved alternative sites for the child to visit.

The startup is a software and hardware company and is in the process of designing a TwoTen box for easy home installation.

I invested at the pre-product stage and the service is currently undergoing beta testing within a number of schools in the UK.

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